Namibia is One of the Safest Countries in Africa for Women


A research study that was recently conducted by Afrasia Bank together with New World Wealth, which analyzed the migration patterns of some of the wealthiest people in Africa, has revealed Namibia to be one of the top three safest countries on the continent for women, along with Mauritius and Botswana.


Individuals with a high net worth typically take how society generally treats women very seriously when making decisions about where to move and settle, and studies have shown that countries that are  safer typically have better long-term growth prospects.

"In our view, countries with a good level of safety for women will outperform those with low levels going forward," Andrew Amoils, head of research at New World Wealth says. "In fact, the safety of women is arguably the best way to judge a country's long-term economic prospects."

The research looked at safety factors such as protection from violent crimes such as assault, rape, slavery and human trafficking, and didn't take gender equality issues, equal opportunity and equal rights into account. 

While Namibia fares very well in terms of how women are treated in the country, neighbouring South Africa, whose women are more vulnerable to sexual assault, does not feature as well, lying midway on the safety scale in terms of the risk posed to women.

"South Africa is one of the few countries in Africa that has reasonably reliable crime data. However, when it comes to crimes such as rape, most go unreported. For every one reported, about three are not reported. We would estimate SA to be mid-range, so somewhere in the 70-80 range out of 195," Amoils says.

However, only 58 of these 195 countries have crime stats that can be considered  "reasonably reliable".

Some of the least safe African countries for women include Libya, Mali, Somalia and Sudan, but Nigeria has also been flagged as becoming increasingly more risky for women. 

"There are issues with women safety, especially in northern Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the 30 biggest economies worldwide by GDP and among those 30 countries, we estimate that it is the least safe for women," says Amoils.

However, Amoils cautiously adds that other countries listed in the top 30, such as Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, which don't have reliable crime stats readily available could potentially be more unsafe for women than Nigeria. 

One area of great concern that the research revealed is that in more than 40 countries globally, women can be arrested for even reporting being raped. 

While Mauritius, Botswana and Namibia are considered the safest countries on the African continent for women, Australia was deemed the safest country in the world for the fairer sex, with Malta, Iceland, New Zealand and Canada rated among the top 5.